Top 10 Party Tips for A Successful Show


1 Timing A 2-3 hour party is perfect for the little ones. Have snacks, juice, and pizza available during the first hour while your guests arrive, gather everyone around the Magic Suzy show for entertainment during the second hour, and enjoy cake and presents during the third hour. Keep the party short and simple like this and everyone will be happy (including you!)

2 Indoors is nearly always better than outdoors when it comes time to present The Magic Suzy Show, even if the audience is squashed together. They can hear and see everything better and she has better crowd control so the performance will be much more successful. If it absolutely has to be outdoors than I must insist on SHADE for the kids and myself. I’m wearing a black suit after all! Thank you :-)

3 Room Layout Magic is visual so please ensure that your guests are seated directly in front of Magic Suzy, not directly to the sides and certainly not behind her!!

4 Noise Parental chatter is the single-most difficult problem a children’s entertainer encounters. It's better for kids and adults alike to simply provide a separate room for parents who don’t want to watch.

5 Videotaping Please do not record Magic Suzy's show. Photos and short segments are fine but the show in it's entirety is the creative and intellectual property of Magic Suzy so please respect that by not videotaping throughout the performance.

6 Distractions Please remove all balloons and toys from the floor of the performance area. And please put away pets! They tend to distract from the show.

7 Directions Tie a bouquet of balloons on your mailbox, front porch or door so it’s easy for your guests (and Magic Suzy) to find the party.

8 Invites Include the start time for the Magic Suzy show in your party invite. This will insure that guests don’t arrive in the middle of the show and help your entire event run more smoothly.

9 Scheduling Please have payment ready in advance. Magic Suzy often performs several shows a day so having to wait after the show for payment can throw off her entire schedule. Checks should be made out to Suzy Seth. 

10 Activities It’s a good idea to plan a fun activity the kids can do together while they wait for Magic Suzy to arrive. Print these Magic Suzy Coloring Sheets for all the kids at your party and it’ll keep them busy for a few minutes: Download The Coloring Sheets

Now Relax and have FUN! Magic Suzy has performed at hundreds of events and can pretty much handle any situation. As long as she knows what you want, she'll deliver as promised. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the show!


Click The Picture To Open The PDF Version of The Coloring Sheet. Then Download And Print Out As Many As You Need For Your Party!

Click The Picture To Open The PDF Version of The Coloring Sheet.
Then Download And Print Out As Many As You Need For Your Party!

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