How Would You Like To Raise Funds For Your Church And Get A FREE Show In The Process!

How Does It Work?

First of all, there Is Zero Risk To You. You pay nothing upfront and the worst case scenario is you will get a free show. Best case scenario is that you will easily make $4,000 and have a really fun event too! Magic Suzy will supply you with posters to promote the event. Simply sell tickets for $5 to $10 each.

You keep 100% of the ticket sales (after the first 100)

Most churches find it easy to sell a minimum of 200 tickets.

How Much Can You Raise?

Just to keep the math simple, we'll break this down with a $10 ticket price, but you may price the tickets anywhere from $5 to $10 each. It just depends on the amount of money you'd like to raise.

100 tickets = You make no money but you get a free show. (Not ideal but hey, you get a free show!)

200 Tickets = You make $1,000 (plus whatever you sell in concessions at the event)

300 Tickets = You make $2,000 (at this point you're making more than the performer!)

400 Tickets = You make $3,000 (Now we're talking'!)

500 Tickets = You make $4,000 plus your concession sales for 500 people (which can really add up!)

What's The Show Like?

A full hour of clean-comedy family entertainment featuring physical comedy, upbeat music, and amazing magic. The Magic Suzy Show is entirely self-contained and requires no special setup. She even brings her own backdrop and sound system!

The show is very easy to stage and appeals to both kids and adults (although the humor is definitely directed at the kids, the tricks will fool everyone!)

Get More Info

Email Suzy or Call (800) 717-1421 if you have questions